Shameless- 7 Steps to Reclaim Your Power is a personal guide to awareness, change, and what it takes to find the YOU again. That confident, funny, adventurous, curious, loving person you USED to be until the world and circumstances changed your idea about YOU.

You were all born beautiful and perfect. Experiences in life will affect how you feel about yourself and others, and if you are paying attention, you can make better choices and quit the need to prove you are worthy of success and love.

Veronica Crystal Young shares her hard-won wisdom and the steps she took to leave the past of emotional and physical abuse to become a successful corporate and creative businesswoman. She teaches and speaks about coping with emotional stress and the critical courage it will take for any changes you want in your life. She details the steps to reclaim confidence, how to recognize when the past might be creating fear about who you are and what you need to be, do, or have to be happy.

 "The author courageously shows you how to heal and finally become the person you were meant to be.....

           —Howard Asher, PsyD, Marriage and Family Therapist

Leave the Past Behind, Reclaim Your Power

& Create a Joyful, Passionate Life

Every day, increasingly more people are beginning to understand, they no longer have to hide in the shadows; cling to blame, guilt, and shame; see themselves as current victims, or hide their Light. There is far more to them than what they were brainwashed to believe, either due to a less than perfect childhood, or a painful failure of some sort. Their past no longer gets to define them.

When a painful disappointment happens, or there is trauma or abuse in your background, living for TODAY can be extremely difficult. Life can become about shame, guilt, and hiding, Perhaps always proving we are worthy. The past and the fear of repeating it can affect our confidence, choices, and happiness, as well as our sense of control & personal power.

We can begin to question if we will ever be happy, ever be good enough for anything, or anyone. We might wonder when will we stop being afraid of speaking up, making friends, or being accepted, or even making the next move? ... and will we ever feel that we deserve success, to be loved.... and BE HAPPY?

Drawing from my own experiences, along with transformative healing methods and tolls, I explain how to recognize when the past is running the show—triggering negative thoughts and emotions and driving self-destructive choices and limiting beliefs.

This book is a great guidebook to BOLDLY L IVE SHAMELESSLY, how to forge a path back to who you really are—before the past and fear made you forget.

It’s time to RECLAIM YOUR POWER...... And LIFE.

From the Author:

I am so passionate about supporting those that have experienced a painful past. To help them reach the other side of pain, the other side of guilt, depression, and loss of personal power to change their current situation.

I know it can be hard; I also know it is possible,

and I know you can do it.

I did.


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